Will the UK make E scooters legal?

Electric scooters or e scooters have been hailed as a revolution in urban transport in all countries of the world because they are cheap, a lot of fun and an environmentally friendly way to zip
around town.
But electric scooters remain illegal on the streets of the UK – not that you would know that because the amount of e scooters going round on roads and pavements in most Cities in the
UK is growing all the time.
The problem as we see it is that many people riding these are doing so without any care about fellow drivers or walkers.
Many electric scooters are restricted to 15 mph but there are many more like the AOVO M365 PRO electric scooter that goes over this speed and can electronically have its speed increased if you
know what to do by hooking it up to its APP and taking off the restriction. The AOVO M365 PRO electric scooter or similarly the iScooter e9d are made for riding on smooth road or pavement tarmac
which is currently illegal in the UK.
Electric scooters in the UK must not be used on public highways, pavements, cycle lanes or bridleways, but only on private property with the owner’s consent.
There are also approved e scooter hire schemes that are legal up and down the cities of the UK.
There is also a thought of making high powered e scooters like the G Booster and G2 Pro that go up to 55 kmph and 50 kmph to be made legal when off road riding, these escooters can go both on
road and offroad.
Of course using protective equipment when riding would need to be put into the equation to get that idea over the line.
However wearing protective clothing when riding an electric scooter in traffic has proved not enough, the TV presenter and YouTube influencer Emily Hartridge had adopted similar precautions when
she rode her e scooter down a South London road last year. Tragically even her protective clothing could not help when she collided with a lorry and was killed.
This well reported tradgedy has not blunted sales in e scooters since in the UK though.

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