Why is the same Private number plate for sale on different sellers websites.

So what is a private number plate?

Private number plates in the UK are made up of certain numbers and letters. Private number plates are bought to replace the original registration plate given to the vehicle when it was registered
by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the UK (DVLA).
The DVLA are the official organisation that maintain the registration and licensing of drivers in the UK. They also maintain the registration and licensing of vehicles in the UK.
One of their responsibilities is the selling of DVLA issued private number plates that can also be called personalised registrations. People in the UK can buy DVLA issued private number plates from
them through their very good auction website.

Private buyers and private number plate dealers compete and bid against each other to buy the private number plate they want.

What is the process of buying a private number plate?

Once you have bought your private number plate, the DVLA will send you a certificate of entitlement (V750), which gives you authority for you to put the plate on your car.

You do not receive a physical number plate in the post. You will have to get the new number plates made up – to do this the number plate maker will need proof of your identity along with the V750.

Motoreg Ltd in Coventry, UK specialise in buying and selling these previously issued personalised number plates, in fact they have thousands of personalised number plates for sale.
The reason why the same Private number plates for sale can be found on different sellers websites is that Motoreg Ltd may own a personalised number plate themselves.
However to increase the chance of more exposure they have a group of other reliable private number plate sellers that will also advertise that same number plate on their websites.
So these website will be actually selling the same private number plate but an increased price because they will put on their commission.

Another way the same private number plate may appear on oth

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