What is web page design and what is web design?

Web design itself is the process of designing a web page’s look and style. The design part of web page design takes into account choosing the right colour scheme, how the page lays out
on the screen, the fonts used, images to be used and how it looks when its made Responsive ie mobile optimised.

Every web page that forms the website of course will have different content, but all the pages will use a similar graphic design otherwise the website will look very odd.
Websites are often made up of page templates, these contain all the elements of the web design like the website's CSS style, buttons, backgrounds, borders and various graphic elements like
images, bullets and header banners.

When a website template is used all the pages will have the sampe appearance, using the same styles, background and other graphical elements.

But most of the pages in a website will have their own design elements because every web page has to allow for different content, using one template design style will not work for all

For example one type of web page that will always differ is the Contact page. Designing a Contact page will often require a custom design layout and design elements to enable the contact form on it
to show the forms fields to complete, option buttons to choose along with a send button.

All these styles, layouts, images, etc. are often not applicable for the other website pages. So, the contact page uses the basic website template for the menus, backgrounds, header images, etc. but also has its own web page design, including the contact form’s design itself and all the other elements specific for that page.

Web design by Core Design in Coventry always uses bespoke web design and will look at each web page design as they develop the website and its design.

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