Understanding the Importance of Big Data in the B2B Marketing Landscape

Big data analytics in B2B marketing can help generate unparalleled insights such as client behavior, purchasing trends, inventory management, and the overall supply chain. However, this method of collecting, processing, storing, and preparing large data sets for B2B marketing organizations can take time to understand the data management tools. Big data analytics in the B2B marketing field lets marketers and sales professionals gather large volumes of data from different or siloed sources and further conduct data analysis through business intelligence (BI) platforms to get valuable insights into their daily operations. This eventually helps identify patterns and movements in data, aiding marketers and sales professionals to enhance decision-making and optimization, and being a problem-solver in your enterprise during a crisis.

A case study found that B2B companies using big data analytics have witnessed a speed increase in their first sales by 50% and churn reduced by 25%. There were also instances of new accounts for sales professionals and a 2-4% return on sales through pricing.
Therefore, in today’s exclusive MarTech Cube article, we will focus on the importance of big data in the B2B marketing realm, as we are focusing on digitization in the 21st century.

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