The glycosylation analysis services market is projected to reach nearly USD 2.5 billion by 2030

The rapidly growing pipeline of recombinant glycoprotein therapeutics, especially the glycoengineered variants of COVID-19 drugs, has presented lucrative opportunities for contract service providers with expertise in glycoconjugate / glycan analysis


Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Glycosylation Analysis Services Market, 2021 – 2030” report to its list of offerings.

Profiling and in-depth characterization of glycosylated molecules in biotherapeutic and research samples require specialized equipment and focused expertise, which has prompted the research institutes, clinics and drug developers to outsource glyco-analytical operations to contract service providers, that claim to have the required skillset and technical infrastructure to assess multiple glycosylation attributes, such as glycan structure, position, linkage, charge and composition, in the minimum time.

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Key Market Insights

Presently, over 130 industry and non-industry players claim to offer a multitude of glyco- analytical services
The market is predominantly characterized by the presence of small firms (having less than 50 employees). Around 45% companies offering glycan analysis services are based in North America. It is worth noting that 90% of these companies offer services for mapping of glycoprotein macro-heterogeneity, including glycan profiling and heterogeneity analysis. Further, nearly 80 companies employ spectroscopy techniques for glycan pattern and structural analysis.

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