Symmetry Vascular Center Stuart Florida

Symmetry Vascular Center is located in Indiantown and offers comprehensive care for patients with chronic venous insufficiency. The Vascular Surgery Indiantown Florida, Symmetry Vascular Center specializes in multiple and different therapies for the correction of chronic venous reflux. We perform endovenous laser ablation, microphlebectomy, Varithena ® chemical ablation, in-office venography, and sclerotherapy to treat the entire spectrum of venous disease. We are proud to offer our patients in Stuart Florida the only outpatient facility in the Indiantown area to have obtained and maintained continuous IAC-accreditation over that time.
Indiantown Arterial Disease Treatment
Vascular Surgery Indiantown New Technology

With the introduction of new technologies, Vascular Surgery Indiantown Florida team has developed an advanced endovascular surgical suite that rivals the technology found in many advanced medical centers. For our patients, this means that can we safely perform most procedures outside of a hospital setting. This often means lower co-pays and out of pocket expenses for patients, a personalized care experience delivered by our caring staff, and greater flexibility and efficiency with scheduling. Additionally, patients report tremendous satisfaction with avoiding the hospital and the shorter recovery times associated with these procedures. Many patients return to normal activity within a few days.