Saving Blackpool Rock: A Battle against Cheap Imports

There’s no wonder that a traditional delicacy “Blackpool rock” is almost faded away against a myriad of Chinese imports. Artisans known for the laborious carving of the candies in the local factories are highly affected by the infiltrating products from China. This is a product that has usually been associated with the trips of British young individuals to the beach for over a hundred years.

The people who make the candies by hand in the local factories are really hurt by the stuff that comes from China. This product has been linked to British teens going to the beach for more than a century. Making the rock is hard work and needs skilled workers from Blackpool. But now it’s in danger because they have to copy each letter of the candy by hand. Even though there’s a problem, the ten factories in Blackpool that are still around aren’t giving up. The Chinese sell rocks for only 12-15p each, so the local manufacturers don’t want to buy them.

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