Register of members – everything you need to know for the company Registration in Electronic city

According to the Company registration in electronic city every limited company should be having a register of members and make sure it is kept staying current at all times. In this article, we will be discussing how to take a look at the basic ideas of how the register of members works, what must be included, and how it is maintained.

What is a register of members?
According to section 113 of the Companies Act 2006, every limited company is required to keep a register of all its members also called shareholders, in a document and the record known as a register of members. This forms a person of a set of different company registers which everything should be conserved.

The register of members is probably the most important lawful register which companies limited by shares are necessary to maintain. It consists of information on past and present shareholders, and also providing a continuous record and details of proprietorship since the company’s incorporation.

A person is not legitimately considered to be a company shareholder unless and until their name is recorded into the register of members. Although a share certificate is an important document and the report for the record share proprietorship, it is actually the register of members which obeys as verification of a member’s shareholdings.
What information needs to be kept in the register of members?
As per the Company Registration consultants in electronic city the following details must be preserved and consistently updated in a company’s register of members:

Addresses and names of all the members
the date on which every person was registered as a member
the date at which any person concludes to be a member
In the case of a company maintaining a share capital, there must be recorded in the register, with the addresses and names of the members, a statement of:

the shares supported by each member, differentiating each share –
by its number as far as so long as the share has a unique number, and
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