Precast Concrete Product Machine Manufacturer – GCI Groups

GCI Groups
GCI Group of Companies has been among the leading providers of innovative products catering to the concrete pipe and metal casting industry for the past 25 years across the globe.

This Group brings together the expertise of GCI Pipe Inc, GCI Exports, GCI Concrete Pipe Machinery and GCI Castings to serve its customer’s needs. Through its platform companies, GCI’s products and services include: Concrete Pipe Manufacturing Machinery: RCP, Jacking Pipe, HDPE Lined Pipe Concrete Box Culvert Manufacturing Machinery: Modular design Concrete Manhole Manufacturing equipment Polymer Concrete Manhole Manufacturing equipment Concrete Mold Equipment for dry- and wet-cast Joint Rings for Concrete Pipes, Boxes and Manholes FRP Set Rings Machined Construction and Industrial Iron Castings of all grades for numerous markets and much more!
Headquartered in Kansas City, KS (USA), GCI manufactures, assembles and tests their equipment in their facilities located in Bangalore, India. Our sales and logistics office is located in Kansas City which focuses on providing our customers with state-of-the-art equipment, installation and servicing.

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