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The accounts receivable is not always a smooth sailing process. There are times it can get clogged up by some of the old dormant accounts. Accounts receivable management is the process where the old claims in insurance accounts are processed and settled to remain clean and up-to-date.

Bristol Healthcare Services offer one of the best Old Accounts Receivable Clean-up Service one could get. Our team will carefully analyze all the accounts of the patients and the healthcare service providers and execute a recovery process to get all the unsettled or partially settled claims processed.

The AR aging report indicates how long insurance claims and payments by patients have been lying unpaid. It is represented as a percentage over 120 days—the lower the percentage, the better the practice's financial health. By glancing at the report, a well-experienced biller can tell whether a practice is doing well or not.

We have the experience and expertise to carry out an effective accounts receivable clean-up.

To avail of an optimal and cost-effective solution, reach us at 800-253-7320 or Mail us at info@bristolhcs.com.
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