Biologic drugs and affiliated technologies market is projected to be worth over USD 180 billion – Ro

Roots Analysis has done a detailed report on Subcutaneous Biologics, Technologies and Drug Delivery Systems (3rd Edition), 2020-2030” covering key aspects of the industry and identifying future growth opportunities

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Key Market Insights
 Eminent representatives from biopharmaceutical companies confirm the rising interest in the concept of subcutaneous drug delivery, highlighting some of the key drivers and upcoming trends in this domain
 More than 100 subcutaneous biologics have been approved and over 350 such drug candidates are being evaluated in the clinical stages of development, for the treatment of a wide variety of disease indications
 Antibodies and protein therapeutics represent the majority of subcutaneous biologics that are available / under investigation, designed for use against various therapeutic areas and having different dosing regimens
 Advances in drug delivery have led to the development of novel technology platforms, enabling the administration of highly viscous formulations, and supporting the development of subcutaneous dosage forms
 Several technology developers have out-licensed their proprietary platforms to pharmaceutical companies in order to enable them to develop subcutaneous formulations of their approved / pipeline products
 The increasing interest in this field is reflected in the yearly growth in partnership activity, including a number of licensing and product development deals related to subcutaneous formulations of various drug candidates
 There are several new and innovative drug delivery systems that facilitate subcutaneous administration; we identified over 300 such systems that are presently available / under development
 With several self-medication enabling devices, such as wearable injectors and autoinjectors, available in the

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