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Product Recommendation Engine’s product recommendation engine tracks website shoppers' behaviour based on their user behaviour. We tracked their historical and live data and based on that we provide product recommendations to them.... Read More

Virtual dressing room !!!!!!!!!!

Make your eCommerce site come alive with a virtual dressing room Dressing Room by VueModel helps retailers deliver personalized, inclusive dressing room experiences in their eCommerce stores. Shoppers can mix &... Read More

AI Powered Personalization Engine

Your own A.I. personalization engine allows every retailer to customize A.I. personalization models to work best for their business. The systems build nuanced shopper profiles for every shopper by learning... Read More

Shopping cart abandonment is when a high-intent shopper visits an eCommerce website, adds at least one or more products to the shopping cart, and proceeds to exit the website without... Read More

Retail personalization is the process of providing every shopper with a unique journey across every single touchpoint and channel, based on historical data and real-time shopper intent, powered by customer... Read More