10 business ideas in India with low investment

10 business ideas in India with low investment

Starting a business is not about ideas but is about making ideas happen. Most of the aspiring founders find themselves struggling with investments and thoughts before they join the hustle. You may have many images in your mind, but there are times when those ideas lack the required investment, and you decide to switch plans. This is the period where most of the founders struggle to find a balance. Here are ten business ideas that can be started with low investment in India:

Textile manufacturer

If you want to start your business with minimum investment, textile manufacturers are the right choice. The manufacturing process entails the conversion of fabric to yarn and then to the material. These are then printed and stitched into clothes. A manufacturing unit can be opened for any of these processes. You can also be the manufacturer of textile equipment, dyes, and so on. This requires much low investment as you only need to spend money on power looms, ring spinning machines, textile testing equipment, knitting machine, and tufting machine.

Liquid soap manufacturer

In most kitchens, car wash garages, laundry halls, and washrooms, liquid soaps are fast replacing detergents and block soaps. This is so because liquid soap is more effective in washing dishes, cars, and even hands. Even though many entrepreneurs are delving into soap making, the fact remains that the market for liquid soap is enormous because it is necessary for most homes, offices, and laundry. So if you are looking to start a business with low startup capital, you may want to tinker with starting your liquid soap company. The advantage of this kind of investment is that these can be created on a small scale from home and can be grown to a bigger facility if there is a boom.

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